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Garage Brand Podcast

Glen Collins

Garage Brand is a podcast about great brands and the people behind them. The co-hosts, Glen Collins and Jaime Cawyer are both partners at the branding firm, Switch. Having been in the business of branding for over 15 years, they have learned that branding, IF ANYTHING, is an interesting trade. There simply are not many other vocations that peer into business on such a deeply emotional level. Garage Brand podcast guests are a roster of individuals that have contributed incredible brands, organizations, and businesses to the marketplace. They are inspiring entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, experience makers, storytellers, and content creators. The Garage Brand hosts aspire to learn about the story behind the story. The authentic origin of how these wonderful individuals and the brands they created got their projects off the ground. Thank you for listening. ⚡️Very special thanks to Tom Bridwell and TOMCAST SOUND for the pod studio home and amazing sound engineering.