Garage Brand Podcast

Jeremy Stewart of Hari Mari

January 08, 2020 Glen Collins Episode 7
Garage Brand Podcast
Jeremy Stewart of Hari Mari
Show Notes

In this episode of the Garage Brand Pod...

  • Jaime and Glen declare Happy New Year to Garage Brand and give praise for some unexpected traction while dark for the holiday season.  
  • A flippity floppity convo with Jeremy Stewart, founder of Hari Mari where we discuss:  
    • Jeremy's politico blueprint for entrepreneurial success
    • The highs and lows of the Hari Mari brand and product launch    
    • How Hari Mari is battling pediatric cancer one pair of flops at a time  
    • Hari Mari's all-day, all-year, all-gender product evolution (hello sandals and shoes!) 
    • Stories of Hari Mari's unparalleled customer service with a PROMISE to return all pairs of lawnmower ravaged flip-flops  

Have a listen and check out the Hari Mari website to get your footwear square. 

As always, very special thanks to Tom Bridwell & TOMCAST SOUND