Garage Brand Podcast

🌹Sarah Brice of The Bachelor and Cliovana🌹

February 14, 2020 Glen Collins Episode 10
Garage Brand Podcast
🌹Sarah Brice of The Bachelor and Cliovana🌹
Show Notes

In this special VALENTINE'S DAY episode of the Garage Brand Podcast...

  • Jaime and Glen walk back Valentine's Day (or Valicetine's Day) memories from yesteryear.  
  • A very rosy convo with Sarah Brice, winner of season 7 of The Bachelor and (current) women's healthcare powerhouse.  In this podcast recording we discuss:  
    • Participation in a season of The Bachelor, and the life and love thereafter.  
    • How Sarah's personal brand organically grew out of The Bachelor experience and led to being the LA's very own CELEBRITY NURSE TO THE STARS. And, led to...   
    • Tattoo Removal and other stuff to do with lasers (specifically to Neil Patrick Harris)       
    • An in-depth, gloves off, crackerjack deconstruction of The Bachelor production.
    • The latest and (by far) greatest career stop for Sarah and her crusade for all women to achieve THE BIG O!     

Please enjoy this lovely episode and please visit the Cliovana website to see how Sarah's career has climaxed

As always, very special thanks to Tom Bridwell & TOMCAST SOUND