Garage Brand Podcast

DJ 🎧 Lucy Wrubel

February 26, 2020 Glen Collins Episode 11
Garage Brand Podcast
DJ 🎧 Lucy Wrubel
Show Notes

In this episode of Garage Brand Podcast we put the needle on the record as...

  • Glen awkwardly force-feeds High Fidelity (the TV Show) to Jaime and Tom as a relevant pre-interview snack.       
  • We devour a life of incredible liner notes with DJ Lucy Wrubel and discuss:  
    • The familial and friendly influences behind Lucy's musical genius    
    • USC (Fight On!) and Lucy's L.A. Story with The Groundlings 
    • Where Lucy's DJ career launched. Grazie Italia!          
    • Lucy's stateside DJ dominance, mix-of-the-month, and musical wallpaper     
    • We unpack A Playlist of Questions for Lucy Wrubel     

If you have an upcoming event, please do yourself and favor book DJ Lucy Wrubel...unless its a wedding or school fundraiser (sorry). 

As always, very special thanks to Tom Bridwell & TOMCAST SOUND