Garage Brand Podcast

⚾️Jamey Wright of the L.A. Dodgers ⚾️

April 09, 2020 Glen Collins Episode 14
Garage Brand Podcast
⚾️Jamey Wright of the L.A. Dodgers ⚾️
Show Notes

In this socially distant episode of the Garage Brand Pod...

  • Tom and Glen crosstalk about Easter Weekend plans and how necessary a prescription of Margaritas and Queso is during this quarantime of our lives.
  • We call up former MLB pitcher Jamey Wright to "The Show" where we discuss:
    • The wild ride of being a baseball prospect and the minor leagues
    • Incredible and hilarious stories of a 19-year professional sports career
    • The current covid emergency brake on sports
    • Jamey's content and curriculum of passing the time in this season of the virus  
    • Opinions on the best brand in baseball   

Have a listen, WASH YOUR HANDS and please BE SAFE! 

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